Four guitars, one soul

The Baltic Guitar Quartet was formed in 2004 by four young and talented classic guitar performers. The ensemble is appreciated by local classical music lovers and presented to foreign audiences as the leading guitar ensemble in the Baltic States. The quartet has performed in over 20 countries and most prestigious concert halls

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Baltic Guitar Quartet :  "Four guitars 20 years together" Jašiūnai

Baltic Guitar Quartet : "Four guitars 20 years together" Jašiūnai

"Cultural week", Marijampolė

"Cultural week", Marijampolė

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"The Baltic guitar quartet is a great ensemble. I am glad it is a guitar quartet. For a long time we are proud of our string quartets, and now – deservedly for guitar. <...> Lithuania should rejoice for having such a fine group, which doesn‘t take it easy on their work. It‘s members are very talented, have a great sense of humor, which actually comes not in all chamber ensembles. A respect and love them."

Viktoras Gerulaitis Vilniaus diena

"Classical top-ensemble from Lithuania <...> Incredible sensivity, unforced dynamics and congenious ensemble-playing <...> Four guitars, one soul - a recommendation for a full concert evening next year..."

Oberbayerisches Volksblatt

"The quartet proved to have a clear image, while interpretating the pieces very distinctively, looking for colors of sound in the subtle nuances of music, instead of expressive chaos of sounds. That gives us the feeling of intimacy and intellectual musicianship."

Goda Rupeikaitė

"During the recent year the quartet obviously got more mature, refined the quality of playing, and are naturally getting recognized amongst the best Lithuanian chamber music artists. "

Audronė Jurkėnaitė-Epih 7Meno dienos

Baltic Guitar Festival

Since 2009, the members of the Baltic Guitar Quartet started organizing the international Baltic Guitar Festival. During their international concert tours and performances in various festivals, the quartet attended a lot of memorable performances, which were never before presented in the Baltic States.

Thus rose the idea to organize a concert series, presenting the world’s best guitar virtuosos, to inspire guitarists and music lovers in general and give the classical guitar a prominent place in the classical music scene it deserves.

The following artists performed in the previous concerts of the festival: Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (USA), Bandini Chiacchiaretta duo (Italy), Roland Dyens (France), Amadeus Duo (Germany and Canada), Luz de Luna (Belgium), Irina Kulikova (Russia/Holland), Daniel Marques (Brazil), Thibault Cauvin (France), Dimitris Regginos (Cyprus), and Paolo Devecchi and Salvatore Seminara guitar duo (Italy), Judicaël Perroy (France), Eden Stell Guitar Duo (UK).