Baltic Guitar Festival


Since 2009, the members of the Baltic Guitar Quartet started organizing the international Baltic Guitar Festival. During their international concert tours and performances in various festivals, the quartet attended a lot of memorable performances, which were never before presented in the Baltic States.
Thus rose the idea to organize a concert series, presenting the world’s best guitar virtuosos, to inspire guitarists and music lovers in general and give the classical guitar a prominent place in the classical music scene it deserves. Since several years a classical guitar festival is taking place in Birštonas Kurhaus, where classical guitar has been heard since the 19th century.
Artists that have performed during the festival are Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (USA), Bandini Chiacchiaretta duo (Italy), Roland Dyens (France), Amadeus Duo (Germany and Canada), Luz de Luna (Belgium), Irina Kulikova (Russia/Holland), Daniel Marques (Brazil), Thibault Cauvin (France), Dimitris Regginos (Cyprus), Paolo Devecchi and Salvatore Seminara guitar duo (Italy), Judicaël Perroy (France), Eden Stell Guitar Duo (UK), Aniello Desiderio (Italy), Raphaella Smits (Belgium), Vladislav Bláha (Czech Republic), Pavel Steidl (Czech Republic) and Lukasz Kuropaczewski (Poland).

Baltic guitar festival 2020

Congratulations to the winners of the online competition!
A group
1st place : Marija Artiuškevič
2nd place : Žymantas Ivanauskas
3rd place : Gabrielė Griciūtė
B group
1st place : Matsvei Aharak
2nd place : Matas Jaroševičius
3rd place : Polina Ventskovska
C group
1st place : Aisling Miller
2nd place : Augustas Poškus
3rd place : Kelly Johannes
D group
1st place : Pijus Balevičius
2nd place : Francisco Luis
3rd place : Mark Zemlianskyi


Video requirements for the online competition: the submitted video should be a recording of a live performance. Each recorded piece has to be filmed in one take. The quality of the video should not be necessarily of a professional level but should be well enough for us to value your level and quality of playing. The video should be submitted to us by giving a link, such as Youtube, Vimeo or others in the registration form. Participant fee is 10 euros.
The competition is open to classical guitar performers:
Group A (5–10 years) – two pieces, different in style and character (up to 3 min)
Group B (11–14 years) – two pieces, different in style and character (up to 5 min)
Group C (15–18 years) – open program (up to 8 min)
Group D (age is not limited) – open program (up to 10 min)


May 1st start of the registration to the competition
June 10th registration deadline
June 25th the winners are announced

Zigmas CEPULENAS (Lithuania)
Gerald GARCIA (Great Britain, Hong Kong)
Dale KAVANAGH (Germany, Canada)
Sergej KRINICIN (Lithuania)
Rafal MAJEK (Poland)
Saulius S. LIPCIUS (Lithuania)
Chris RUEBENS (Lithuania, Belgium)
The winners of all group will be awarded with prizes established by Savarez, Midiaudio, Vandens vartai , and the winners of the first places in additionally will get certificates entitling them to a participate in the the 5th International S. Šilinskas Guitar Competition and the International Baltic Guitar Festival Competition free of charge.
Please fill in this form if you want to participate in the Classical guitar online competition. The form for a minor has to be filled in by his parents.
Best of luck!