Baltic Guitar Festival

Congratulations to the winners of the Baltic guitar festival Competition 2018!
The competition had a prize pool of 4000 euros! The winner of the D group Bianka Szalaty will have the opportunity to play a concert next year!

Group A (5–10 years)
1. Marija Liminovič (Lithuania, Vilnius B. Dvarionas ten-year music school)
2. Andrius Romeika (Lithuania, Kaunas first music school)
3. Ema Gaudinskaitė (Lithuania, ilnius choir singing school “Liepaitės” and Eimantė Montvilaitė (Vilnius B. Dvarionas ten-year music school)
Group B (11–14 years)
1. Matas Jaroševičius (Lithuania, Vilnius B. Dvarionas ten-year music school)
2. Ugnė Urbonaitė (Lithuania, Vilnius B. Dvarionas ten-year music school)
3. Liis Maria Simm (Estonia, Tallinn music high school)
Group C (15–18 years)
1. Pijus Balevičius (Lithuania, Kaunas Juozas Naujalis music gymnasium)
2. Emilija Grigaliūnaitė (Lithuania, Kaunas Juozas Naujalis music gymnasium)
3. Helin Hallik (Estonia, Tallinn music high school)
Group D (age is not limited)
1. Bianka Szalaty (Poland, I. J. Paderewski academy of music in Poznan)
2. Rafal Majek (Poland, The Karol Szymanowski academy of music in Katowice)
3. Alexander Hart (Great Britain, Royal academy of music) ir Lisa Denoo (Belgium)

About the Baltic Guitar Festival

Since 2009, the members of the Baltic Guitar Quartet started organizing the international Baltic Guitar Festival. During their international concert tours and performances in various festivals, the quartet attended a lot of memorable performances, which were never before presented in the Baltic States.

Thus rose the idea to organize a concert series, presenting the world’s best guitar virtuosos, to inspire guitarists and music lovers in general and give the classical guitar a prominent place in the classical music scene it deserves. Since several years a classical guitar festival is taking place in Birštonas Kurhaus, where classical guitar has been heard since the 19th century.

The following artists performed in the previous concerts of the festival: Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (USA), Bandini Chiacchiaretta duo (Italy), Roland Dyens (France), Amadeus Duo (Germany and Canada), Luz de Luna (Belgium), Irina Kulikova (Russia/Holland), Daniel Marques (Brazil), Thibault Cauvin (France), Dimitris Regginos (Cyprus), and Paolo Devecchi and Salvatore Seminara guitar duo (Italy), Judicaël Perroy (France), Eden Stell Guitar Duo (UK), Aniello Desiderio (Italy), Raphaella Smits (Belgium), Vladislav Bláha (Czech Republic).